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What We Do

Our job is to design a plan to get you to where you want to go. It all starts by taking a look at your financial profile. What matters to you the most? What problems need to be solved? The conversation launched by those questions lets us build personalized solutions that align with your long-term goals.

Every client gains access to our institutional-grade investment management. On top of that, we tap into our financial planning expertise from our team of highly experienced CFP® professionals. There’s much more, depending on your needs and goals: estate and retirement planning, tax strategy, insurance business consulting, and so on.

Our job is to take away your money worries and help you avoid money mistakes.


Being an independent investment advisor means we put your interests first. Unlike the big banks, we select investments on your behalf from a whole universe of options, with no corporate agenda.

While every client strategy is different, they are all built with a focus on capital preservation. We conduct extensive research to offer you quality products and advice that fit your personal needs. Our investment strategies are tailored to your tolerance for risk and your long-term investment objectives.

Protecting wealth isn’t just about navigating ups and downs in the market. We appreciate the importance of tax-efficient investing in your overall investment strategy to ensure that more of your money stays with you and your family. Our performance reporting is an effective tool for gauging your progress towards your long-term financial objectives. We closely monitor your portfolio and re-visit your investment strategy when necessary.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your investment strategy it its integration with estate, tax, insurance, and retirement planning. This type of comprehensive financial planning empowers you to pursue your financial objectives confidently and efficiently.

There’s a lot more to say when it comes to our investing strategy. We think it’s best to do so in person. There’s a lot that we can cover in a face-to-face meeting, if our company sounds like a good fit to you.

Financial Planning

Whether you are saving for a child’s college education, supporting a family member with a disability, or caring for an aging parent, your family’s financial needs are constantly changing. We can help you handle the challenges and surprises in life while staying on track to meet your long-term goals.

Our expertise lies in the integration of the six key elements of your financial well-being: asset management, financial planning, estate planning, insurance, tax strategy, and business consulting for business owners. We work with your tax advisor and attorney to ensure that every aspect of your financial life is managed efficiently. When necessary, we can recommend specialists to join your team of advisors so you have access to the best possible advice in every area.

Estate Planning

There are only three potential beneficiaries of your estate: your heirs, charity, and the government. We want to maximize the impact of your generosity to the first two. By employing tax-efficient strategies and family counseling, we can help you pass down more wealth to the next generation along with the principles and tools necessary to preserve it.

Retirement Planning

With an appropriate plan and investment strategy, we can help you build a comfortable income stream for retirement. It’s never too early to think about what you can do to realize your vision of post-career life.

Tax Strategy

Your tax return is probably the single most informative document in the financial planning process and we make it a point to review yours at the early stages of our relationship. We pride ourselves in our ability to review tax returns to uncover the strengths and weaknesses in a given situation. We collaborate with your tax preparer in an effort to avoid common tax mistakes and optimize tax savings strategies. This sometimes involves looking at forms of business ownership and/or choosing the best retirement plan for your business.


Protecting what you have, providing for your loved ones in case of death or disability, and passing wealth to the next generation, this is why we pay so much attention to your insurance coverage – all forms including disability, casualty, health and life insurance.

Business Consulting

For business owners, personal wealth management is often intertwined with business affairs, especially when it comes to succession planning. We can help you coordinate both, manage risk and take care of your employees with optimal compensation and retirement planning.