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The Benefits of Joining a Branch

They say the best way to learn to swim is to just jump into the water and do it. Whether your first experience swimming was at a public pool with friends and family or at a lake at camp, your excitement over a new adventure was probably tempered with some apprehension of the unknown. As much as you wanted to dive in and assert yourself as an independent swimmer, you worried about what was in the water and the possibility of drowning.

It’s no different in the business world. If you’re among the record number of advisors considering a move from a captive setting to an independent broker-dealer, you share a similar worry: Do I have what it takes to dive right in and succeed on my own, especially in the murky waters of volatile markets and an uncertain regulatory environment?

But what if your move to an independent business model could be free of those worries that drain your productivity? What if you could increase your payout and offer your clients greater product selection and superior service, but retain the administrative business support so crucial to your success?

By moving from a captive advisor environment to a branch office at an independent broker-dealer, you receive all the benefits of independence without all the hassles that come with having to sign an office lease, furnish the space, hire support staff, and set up phones and other essential equipment. Joining an established branch office of an independent broker-dealer is the perfect platform for increased flexibility and earning power that comes when you start out on your own, but are reluctant to give up administrative support and group benefits.

What’s more, many broker-dealers and individual branches provide additional business boosting benefits – everything from professionally developed marketing programs to study groups and coaching collaboration. While your work environment can be as plug-and-play as it is at a wirehouse, moving to a branch office enables you to offer your clients a broader range of products and services while keeping more of what you earn – and that bodes well for future growth.


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